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I’m so glad you’re interested in writing for us!

Our readers are extremely important to me. Therefore, I only accept guest articles under the criteria, terms, and conditions below. Please read them carefully.

If you meet the criteria and agree to the terms and conditions, awesome! Please submit your proposed guest article following Paragraph 4. Submission Requirements below. I’ll review it and respond within 7 days.  If your submission is accepted, I’ll provide you with next steps.

Please know that I don’t accept guest articles/blogs via direct email.

Thank you for understanding.

Warm regards,

Sylva Melena, Founder & Principal

Melena Consulting Group

Criteria, Terms, and Conditions for Guest Articles

1. Track Record of Publishing. Guest contributors/bloggers must have a track record of publishing valuable, high-quality content. This includes content on their websites, other websites, books, magazines, etc.

2. Education, Experience, and/or Expertise in the Topic. Guest bloggers with education, experience, and/or expertise in the topic are preferred. However, other qualities will also be considered. 

3. Content Criteria. The content must:

A. Directly relate to the subject matter of the website;

B. Align with my philosophy on the subject. Please read one or two of my articles to get a feel for my approach;

C. Be factual and original (not previously published on other websites);

D. Not be defamatory, infringing, obscene, or spammy;

E. Provide value to my readers and not sell products or services;

F. Be between 600 and 1,000 words in length;

G. Be well-written and edited;

H. Contain no links in the body of the content. However, Melena Consulting Group may add links to the body at its discretion. Additionally, if accepted, your article will be followed by a byline, your short bio, and one link to your website or blog. 

I. Contain no links to third parties, unless you are citing in accordance with Paragraph 3.J. below;

J. If you are using other sources, please provide a copy of the appropriate signed permissions or the license to use the content. Please refer to the following blog post for an example of how to cite: This blog also includes a sample a Creative Commons License; AND

K. Please provide a link to a high-resolution, 150 x 150 pixels headshot, a short bio (up to 40 words), and a link to your website or blog via the Guest Article Submission Form below. 

4. Submission Requirements. Proposed articles must be submitted using the Guest Article Submission Form.

5. Intellectual Property Rights & Permissions Granted to Melena Consulting Group. You will retain intellectual property rights to the content you submit. However, by submitting your content, you authorize and grant permission to Melena Consulting Group to:

A. Post the content you submit on LEADERSHIPSTRENGTH.COM, MELENACONSULTING.COM, and/or SYLVIAMELENA.COM as Melena Consulting Group deems appropriate for the audience and website topic(s);

B. Reuse and/or repurpose your submission in other publications, including but not limited to books, with a citation crediting your contribution through the Melena Consulting Group blog post/article and with a reference to your name and website or blog link as accepted with your submission, AND

C. Melena Consulting Group reserves the right to remove without notice any and all links and content that become obsolete, unnecessary, or are identified as harmful or infringing.

6. Warranty and Indemnification. You warrant that the content you submit does not infringe on another party’s intellectual property rights, harm others, or conflicts with your existing agreements and contracts.  You also indemnify and hold harmless Melena Consulting Group and its officers, agents, and employees from any liability or loss resulting from judgments or claims against them arising out of your content submission.

7. No Compensation. There is no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for guest article submissions or inclusion of your submissions in other content types, including commercial books. You agree to submit your article in exchange to exposure to our audience.  

8. Written Agreement. You agree to submit a signed written Agreement regarding the Criteria, Terms, and Conditions for Guest Articles as a condition of our acceptance of your submission. If your submission meets the criteria, you will receive a copy of the Agreement for your review and signature.

Guest Article Submission Form

Please complete the Guest Article Submission Form in its entirety. We will review and respond within 7 days.